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Fastest Greeting Card in the World

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M5 Aural Goodness



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D90 Killer


If you’ve not seen it yet, that is the D90 killer from Canon. It’s called the T1i (heralding back to the film days) and it shoots 1080p video at 20fps or 720p at 30fps. It’s said to have image qualities that rival the 50D and features that are very similar as well. This camera is currently setting all the photographers on edge as this is a major feat that they are able to pull this camera off at MSRP $200 less than the D90. With the D90 you only get 720p at 30fps.

But, what piques my interest is that if they are doing this in their consumer level DSLR, what is the 60D going to have as it’s feature set?? I can only imagine the 60D being a phenomenal camera if their consumer level camera is quite extraordinary. But, I guess we will have to see if the T1i wins favor with the photog community in April, now won’t we?

UPDATE: Canon has left CF cards in this model and switched over to SDHC…blah.

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Miranda Kaleido X

Miranda, a video product company, makes devices that allow production companies to display inputs/outputs and other information from their video sources. Below is a link to their Kaleido X. They offer two rack mount units that are capable of creating some extraordinary monitor walls. We use three of their smaller units called the Kaleido-Alto-HD’s. They’re 1U rack systems that drive three plasmas and display our inputs and outputs. They’re used to show cameras, video decks, graphic inputs and then MLE preview/program windows. We’ve been using these since we moved in around this time in 2006. So, basically these units have been on for 2 years straight and 2 of them have actually failed. One lost a PSU and one has fried it’s MOBO. To me, that’s highly disappointing that we’ve had 2 die already irregardless of uptime (I don’t think 2 years is a lot).

Well anyways, the purpose of this post, is to show you this link to the Kaleido X which can be configured to accept 1,100 inputs and up to 128 SEPARATE display outputs each displaying their own layout and images.

So without further ado… visit Miranda’s website to check out this video

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Wedding Video

Part of the wedding video I’m currently editing. Opinions? I have a feeling I’m gonna change a couple shots as I don’t like them and tighten up a few edits.

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