Restaurant Reviews

Listed here, is my general criteria of how I look at restaurants and the service they provide. You may want to read this first
Review Criteria

This will be the list of restaurants that I have reviewed:

Scores range with a (-) being the least of that grade, just a letter is the middle and a (+) is the highest in the grade. “F” restaurants are those that you want to steer clear of completely. “C’s” are those that are OK, but I would go to with hesitation. “B’s” are good but not those that are not my absolute favorites. “A’s” are my favorites, those that when they are recommended for tonight’s dining, I would definitely say yes to.

615 Club (A-)
Bamboo (A-)
BD’s Mongolian Grill (C+)
Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano (A)
Big Bowl (Chinese)(A+)
Bonefish Grill (A+)
Brooklyn Deli (B+)
Cafe des Architectes (A)
California Pizza Kitchen (A+)
Dong Wei BBQ (A+)
Egg Harbor (B+)
Epic Burger (A)
Five Guys (A+)
Flat Top Grill (A)
Garretts Cafe (C+)
The Irish Rose (??+)
JMK Nippon (A+)
Kuma’s Asian Bistro (B)
LaBriola (A+)
Lucky’s Sandwich Co (A+)
Mesa Grill [NYC] (A++)
Montarra Grill (A)
The Old Fashioned (A)
pearl. (C)
PF Chang’s (A-)
Port Edward’s (D+)
Sahara Palace (A)
The Pasta Bowl (A)
The Seasons (B+)
Sixteen (A+)
Sushi Station (A+)
Weber Grill (A)


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