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Live Production

More specifically, bad mics.

Wireless mics, I think this really goes without saying, but they really suck. We have so many problems with them. I speak mostly of body worn packs and their headworn mic counterparts. It’s almost always a bad connection which causes loud popping noises. Or a slipped and/or mis placed E6. Tonight, it’s who knows what. I had a mic cutting out. It sounded like the pack was losing connection. But, when he moved it, it would come back. So this leads me to believe it was rubbing against the cheek enough that it  blocked the mic enough to cut the audio out.

Either way, it sucks. It’s always a balance of whether it’s more distracting to have it drop out once or twice or for someone to go on stage, interupt and switch the pack out and hope and pray its the pack and not the E6 … ugh.


MWSF 2009


Can I just say that I would KILL to have a job doing tech for the Keynote of all keynotes in the US. How hard would it be really? I do this stuff 3+ times a week using similar gear. It’d be so easy. UGH HIRE ME!!!! PLEASE!!


Today’s Work

My work today consisted of moving cameras around. One had to be packaged up after switching it’s lens with the one that belongs to it and then putting the lens that was on it, back on the camera it belongs to (confusing?). Then I had to move camera 2 (house left) down front. Then, I had to get a tripod out, and move camera 3 (the old robo and the camera on my desk. left side) to camera 2’s old spot and set it up as wide. Then I had to switch the triax around, so the front row cam was still 2 and the one up front was camera 3. Then I packed up the SDX-900 (camera on my desk, right side) and went over to Perryville, set it up, set up the CG program. Directed and then left when we were done.

Heaven on a desk

Miranda Kaleido X

Miranda, a video product company, makes devices that allow production companies to display inputs/outputs and other information from their video sources. Below is a link to their Kaleido X. They offer two rack mount units that are capable of creating some extraordinary monitor walls. We use three of their smaller units called the Kaleido-Alto-HD’s. They’re 1U rack systems that drive three plasmas and display our inputs and outputs. They’re used to show cameras, video decks, graphic inputs and then MLE preview/program windows. We’ve been using these since we moved in around this time in 2006. So, basically these units have been on for 2 years straight and 2 of them have actually failed. One lost a PSU and one has fried it’s MOBO. To me, that’s highly disappointing that we’ve had 2 die already irregardless of uptime (I don’t think 2 years is a lot).

Well anyways, the purpose of this post, is to show you this link to the Kaleido X which can be configured to accept 1,100 inputs and up to 128 SEPARATE display outputs each displaying their own layout and images.

So without further ado… visit Miranda’s website to check out this video

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Mac OS X Desktop

Do you think having 46GB’s of content on the desktop of a media machine is a good idea?

Just wondering.

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Mac and Ross

This is my laptop. It’s a MacBook. Made by apple. The switcher is ours at work. It’s a Ross. It’s a Vision single bus. It switches.

Just uploading because I’m bored, for semi-artistic purposes and because I like my title for it

A Mad Russian’s Christmas

This is the song I think we’re doing for our all out lights show at our Christmas Services.

Lots of hits at the beginning for lights. And then of course it breaks out in the middle.

I can’t wait!!!!!

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