OS X Lion Screencaps & First Impressions


Mission Control:

Autosave and Revert in Pages:

So far so good. I like the new buttons and progress bar. It’s much more modern than it was in Snow Leopard. Finder is also very refreshed and up-to-date looking except I don’t like the new window buttons. They’re too small and “chunky” looking. I think launchpad has rendered the dock useless unless you don’t like the hand straining gesture it takes to get there. Animations prevalence is way up. Everything slides in, appears, fades etc. It’s nice and so far has been pretty smooth even on my MacBook Air (very Windows 7-y).

Also of note, the autocorrect text has been updated to be a lot more like iOS. It’s kind of nice but taking some time to get used to. Also, they’re implemented the iOS “natural” scrolling which is different. I turned it off and I’m going to stick to the scroll down, page down, instead of the scroll and the page follows. Years of habit? Yes.

Mail is very good. Quite  good. I enjoy the conversations view and it’s nice to be able to hide the sidebar. I use one account primarily so it’s good to get rid of the clutter. Calendar, looks just like it does on the iPad which I’m sure will be a love it or hate it deal. I haven’t decided which I feel. Something else I just discovered is: changing files from one folder to another no longer gives you a transfer bar. It just happens. POP. Three gig file…desktop to documents…POP. Bingo. Awesome.

That’s it for now.

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