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It all started with Apple (AAPL), and Apple decided that it wanted one carrier in every major market. So Apple and AT&T consummated a deal three years ago. And because Apple was more focused on a single technology – the GSM technology – they chose AT&T. We had good discussions with them, but it was clear to us that they weren’t looking to make a device for both sets of technologies. –Ivan Seidenberg, Former Verizon CEO

Ok. We all know Verizon snubbed Apple. Big Verizon offering long time players in the phone market, here comes Apple with their “iPhone” whatever the hell that is…why would we risk it on a company trying to be a big shot in an industry it knows nothing about.

Flash a couple years ahead where there’s nearly 10 BILLION apps downloaded and Apple’s market cap has rocketed past Microsoft’s and now Verizon’s making it look like Apple was playing the strong hand in the deal. Ok, sure they probably wanted GSM mostly because it’s an international standard but come on, you can’t tell me Apple didn’t know Verizon’s network was better. Why would Apple pass up a better user experience? That’s completely opposite of what Apple stands for.


You have Apple and Verizon together finally so this is all water under the bridge. And now we have Apple paired with a company that has the opportunity to offer connectivity wherever you’re at whether it be home or on the move and a 4G network capable of streaming your content anywhere in the country (once the network is built out obviously). You’re looking at a very powerful pair here with the potential to rock the world with a truly connected life.

Now if only both of these companies can get over their over-inflated egos and work together for the greater good of the consumer. I trust one of them to do this, but not the other. Can you guess which?

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