Why the MacBook Air has “old processors” and why you need to stop whining…

When Intel unveiled the Arrandale ULV parts for ultraportables a few months back, it was obvious that they were not destined for the Macbook Air. The problem wasn’t so much the CPU part of Arrandale — even though the ULV variant is indeed deficient in the cache and clockspeed departments when compared to the Core 2 Duo — the problem is the GPU.

The multicore GPU integrated into the NVIDIA 320M handily spanks the (admittedly improved) Intel integrated graphics glued onto the Core i-series processors. And it’s also compatible with OpenCL, something Intel has yet to support in its IGPs. Apple argued that the improved graphics power of the 320M was more important than improved CPU processing power when designing the recent 13-inch MacBook Pro update — that same logic (though you may disagree with the decision) still applies here.

The combination of Core 2 Duo processor and NVIDIA 320M graphics is more powerful than the Atom and Intel IGP combo used in notebooks of similar size. —GadgetLab (Emphasis Added)

This is why Apple’s engineers have engineering degress and make TONS of money and you don’t.

Enough said. Stop thinking you’re smarter and wittier than Apple’s engineers


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