The Seasons at Anderson Gardens

You know of Anderson Gardens. Well there is a restaurant there too and it’s called the Seasons. It’s kind of Japanese/Asian fusion (like Rockford needs more of those; there’s two next door to each other downtown).

Walking in you’re greeted by a very open and large lobby with a medium-small dining room ahead. It’s all very nice really but you’d expect that from the Andersons after all. The building itself is actually quite amazing for Rockford; the dining room comfortable, open and overlooking part of the Gardens. Outdoor seating is available.

The menu is very concise, perhaps 12 entrées at most with a few appetizers, a couple salads and five or so desserts. Again, it’s Asian fusion so there are Japanese dishes, Vietnamese dishes, and a tad of Chinese inspiration, among others. They’re mostly noodle and or stir-fry with the typical meat choices (seen that before…). I’m really finding this kind of food uninspiring and unoriginal. It’s becoming very copycat in my eyes. And the food followed suit.

While the side salad was good and the dressing quite tastily sweet and seasame-y, the food was nothing unique. I ordered the Yakisoba which is a Japanese dish and one that I’m very familiar with at the other, better Japanese restaurant in town, and while it was good in flavor and added ingredients, it didn’t wow me. Nothing spoke to me, captivated me and grabbed my taste buds.I really do prefer JMK’s over this one and it’s cheaper and the portion is better there (not to mention the sushi available for order). But with that said, the portion wasn’t terrible for $9 either. The presentation of said food wasn’t anything to write home about either.

The colleague on hand ordered the Panang chicken and the portion there was slightly smaller for around the same price…$8 maybe. The review was much the same as mine. It was good but not spectacularly mind blowing. Sounds like Rockford to me…

So with drink, salad, entrée and tip I ended up spending about $18 for dinner. Was it worth it? Maybe…but I’ll always think “There was another, certain restaurant I would rather have spent that money at”…and it’s closer to my house.

Would I return…yes, the food was good, not great, good, average, Rockford….will I make it a frequent destination….no, it wasn’t spectacular in any sort. B+ material.

By the way, the restroom REALLY needs at least 1 wall painted with some color. The white was overbearing, plain, boring and Rockford. Yes. Rockford IS an adjective.


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