DYK: Angler Fish

Did you know that when a some types of male angler fish are born, it’s hardly capable of even eating? It’s small, usually has too small of a mouth to eat anything and very weak. The only real sense it has is that of the smell of a female angler fish’s pheromones (which are much larger than the males, like the one in Finding Nemo).

So he searches the dark depths of the ocean for nearby females. And when he finds a female, he starts eating her and in the process releases chemicals that begin to fuse his mouth to her body. Over time, his body begins to “disappear” and become one with her body so that all that’s left are a pair of gonads; females are capable of having multiple males fused into her body. And when the female is ready to reproduce, chemicals in the bloodstream activate these to fertilize her eggs.

That’s a terrible life.

And now you know.


2 thoughts on “DYK: Angler Fish

  1. Anonymous says:

    Should have posted The Oatmeal comic you saw this on 🙂 hehhehee

  2. applec2400 says:

    yes yes. I was going to but I figured it was useless. (that and the wiki article)

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