Apple Secrecy

Have you noticed, that for a company that is completley open about it’s products and releases, Google never really has any “leaks” before they release products. Case in point: I/O conference, namely Google TV, it’s online Android/Chrome OS Market.

Nobody really saw that coming.

But then there’s Apple which tries to keep it a secret so they have a suprise but someone in Vietnam posts pictures of the projects and leaks the info before release.

In addition to this thought, I have another and that is the fact that Apple better kick it up a notch or Google will surely take over. Google’s upcoming products are going to kick Apple’s ass if Apple doesn’t do something soon (aka Verizon, innovative/fast iPhone OS 4, updated AppleTV etc). Android is making waves compared to iPhone’s slowed down ripples.

(Though I do have to say that I have some disgruntlement about Android updates in that a lot of phones just now got updated to 2.1 when 2.2 is coming out very soon and that there’s a new Android phone on the market every other day that’s always slightly better than the other [e.g. The Incredible replacing the Nexus One, and now the EVO 4G replacing it etc.]. But aside from that, Android’s really making a huge splash in the mobile industry and Apple/Microsoft are starting to look like dusty old dinosaurs or perhaps your 92 year old grandpa)


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