Perspective and Hindsight

This is an image shot by Terril Jones during the Tiananmen Square massacre and “Tank Man”. You’ve no doubt seen the other four photographs of this man who stood up to the communist regime. But the question is, have you seen this one?

This photo was recently revealed in 2009 by  Terril Jones, the man who took this image at the same time the other four were taken. However, because of his perspective, this photo never gained the notoriety of the other four, higher vantage point shots, because it lacked the amount of drama found in the other four. But in reality, this photo shows a lot more of what’s actually going on in this scene than the others. The other 4 images make it appear that this man is alone in the square with only the tanks when in reality there’s gunfire and chaos around him.

So it makes you think to never erase “the bad ones” from your hard drive today. You’ll never know what you captured until there’s a little hindsight added down the road.

Photo: Terril Jones, AP


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