Epic Burger

Not that “epic”, but not a bad choice either.

If you’re in Chicago, and want a good burger, I’d recommend Five Guys first, then probably Epic Burger a close second.

The one thing that puts Epic above Five Guys is their smoothies. They’re really good and go nicely with a burger. They also have shakes at Epic.

Their fries at Epic are thinner cut russet, cut in house with the freshest, local potatoes available. Their burgers are made using local meat, homemade buns (you have a selection of wheat or white), fresh vegetables, organic eggs and fresh Wisconsin cheese. So their freshness definitely is one above Five Guys but only just slightly.

The patties themselves are actually medium in size. Not as small as Five Guys but not a huge patty either but the experience isn’t as big. I love Five Guys’ topping selection much better. I like that you can get grilled mushrooms and onions there and bacon for no extra charge (among may other options). You’re limited to lettuce, pickle, onion (raw or grilled), tomato at Epic and bacon, cheese or fried egg is extra. (Which is completely fine, but you get more of a selection for your mood at Five Guys which is why I think this is important. However, it’s not wrong or bad to offer the good ol’ standard toppings alone.)

But Epic’s menu is larger. They offer chicken, mushroom or turkey burger alternatives along with a BLT sandwich.

So I’d say I’d have to give this a solid A, right below Five Guys’ A+

517 South State St.
Chicago IL 60605
Phone (312)913.1373


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