Epic Burger


I was on a road trip and I had a massive craving for a burger. So, I started considering my options. I could stop at the king, the clown or that red headed girl with the freckles. Thing is, I work in the food industry and I really wanted to eat something I could reasonably assume came from a farm. Sadly, I ended up with a turkey sandwich from one of those upscale grocery stores.

I suppose that’s what happens when you’ve spent thousands of hours working as a professionally trained chef at the finest restaurants, using only the best ingredients. Your expectations are just a little higher.

So I spent the next couple of years thinking about how I could bring better food to more people at an affordable price. Then it came to me…that road trip and my thwarted attempt at finding a great, all-natural burger.
Surely, I wasn’t the only one in search of a burger and fries made the way they were intended. Hamburgers that were fresh, with all-natural beef, hand formed and cooked to order. Topped off with a freshly baked and toasted bun. Fries made with only fresh potatoes that are cut and cooked without any processing steps in between.

All served in a place that considers the environment by not using petroleum-based packaging, by buying from as many local merchants as possible and, of course, by using energy efficient equipment and recycling. In short, by serving “a more mindful burger”. An Epic Burger.

So, that’s our story and I hope it’s everything you’ve been looking for in a burger place, too.

David Friedman

–Founder, Epic Burger


This man has my idea. The same one. I MUST visit his place soon!! Hopefully his standard of a burger is the same as mine though because that varies occasionally.


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