WalMart in Madison

It’s on stilts. And beneath it lies a parking lot.

“So what” you say?

Let’s think about the benefits of building over your parking lot instead of next to it:

1. No snow removal or space lost to snow mounds
2. Less repair of the parking lot (sealing it, fixing potholes, etc.)
3. You can build a bigger building because you don’t need as large of a retention pond and therefore can utilize your acreage better
4. You can build bigger because the parking lot is underneath the building not in front of it
5. Employees don’t have to brave the cold/wind/rain to retrieve shopping carts
6. Shopping carts are likely to last longer due to the lack of rain, ice and salt build up while sitting in the parking lot
7. Customers don’t have to brave the cold/wind/rain
8. Less damage to vehicles from shopping carts due to wind

So there are 8 reaons why this particular WalMart is cool. Now obviously there’s probably more upfront costs to building a WalMart on stilts but those reasons right there, I think, outweigh those initial costs.


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