DVR: A Preface

Cool Fact! There’s this device called a DVR. It stands for EXACTLY “Digital Video Recorder”! WAY SUPER-DOOPERAWESOMECOOL!

Basically it records your tv shows for you. Yep. You plug it into your cable and you tell it what shows you want it to record. Any show. 24/7. Any time. So if you’re not home you won’t miss your shows. And guess what??!! They even record in HD. Yep HD. So now you can watch your shows when you want in HD. Glorious HD. And then you can skip commercials too!

Forget tape recording. The color and sound sucks and they take up too much room on your shelf at home.

And if you’re a true tvholic, you can add your own harddrive for extra recording space. It also has a power button so you can shut it off and you can use your amazing universal remote to control it.

And! Best of all! You can usually get them for free from your cable company!

The future is amazing!

P.S. They look just like your cable box so you can barely tell it’s there sitting on your shelf. Some are even built in!

P.P.S. They somtimes call them TIVO’s even though they’re not all TIVO’s so don’t get confused about that!

P.P.P.S. It’s actually “P.P.S”….


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