Sahara Palace

Located on Harrison behind the Culver’s is a tiny little place with only a couple of tables. And inside of this tiny place they serve Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. And it’s delicious.

They have sandwiches for about $5 and plates for about $10 and appetizers. Their falafil is amazing, their hummus deliciously smooth and their sandwiches a delightful treat. It’s authentic food that hits that “I’m in the mood for something different today” feeling. You can’t really go wrong with what you choose and my philosophy is that you just choose something and go with it.  Whether it’s tandoori chicken, a falafil sandwich, or shawerma, it’s all good and unique. It makes American food look bland.

Don’t expect 5-Star service though, obviously. It’s definitely home owned and laid back but for this experience, that’s a plus. An idea is to call ahead and pick it up if you’re in a hurry for lunch.


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