615 Club

So in Beliot, the bowels of Wisconsin, lies a shabby looking house turned restaurant. And inside of that lies the 1970’s that never left. And that would normally make my stomach turn.

But sometimes, our world of modern dining gets a little old when you want to relax without the pretension. And this is where the 615 Club comes in handy.

Going into this (it was Dan’s idea) I was totally on edge, setting myself up for the utter failure I KNEW I was about to experience. It’s a feeling that I get in the pit of my stomach when I just know this dining experience is going to be less than acceptable and typically, I’m right. So we entered what looked to be someone’s house with a bar and captains chairs and then I was hit with the 70’s feel. (They still have rolling captains chairs that are in a dire need of a reupholster job).

And then the menu came. Steaks. Chops. Chicken. Seafood. Salad. End menu. Prices seemed reasonable at the time. A little more than I wanted to spend but seemed that if the food was good, it’d be ok. But when I walk in with the feelings I had, I knew it was going to be too much for what I thought I was going to get.

I ordered the pork chops because they were the cheapest thing on the menu without ordering the chicken. The waitresses asked me for a soup choice, salad choice and potato choice. Ok things are getting better. It’s rare these days to be offered both a soup and salad at no extra charge.

Then, the 70’s hit again. She brought out a relish tray and a basket of plastic wrapped breadsticks! Seriously? I haven’t had cheap breadsticks in YEARS. Who serves this stuff any more?! My outlook declined a little more.

The french onion soup arrived. Huge single crouton in a good base. Nothing wrong with that. Salad arrived. Kind of a boring salad. Kind of dry too but it was ok. Then the rolls came. I grabbed the first one I saw. It wasn’t warm. It was OK. Then I realized in the basket there were CINNAMON ROLLS!!

Cinnamon rolls people! I wanted to go home satisfied at that moment! We even got a refill!!

Anyways, she brought out my entree. The two porkchops were boneless but they were still large and just tender and juicy enough to be acceptable. The potatoes au gratin were nice and warm and gooey.

So here’s what I got for dinner:

Breadsticks/relish tray
Cinnamon Rolls!
Good porkchops

How much did I pay for a large, fine (albeit 70’s) dining meal with tip?


Not bad if I do say so myself.


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