The Old Fashioned

Pickney Street, Madison Wi

So, while in Madison for work today, I stopped by the Old Fashioned for lunch. I must preface this by saying that this place is always busy and you’re going to want to make room in your schedule to eat here. I waited a half hour for a table on a Sunday for lunch.

The interior is much like all the other restaurants in Madison which is a good thing. You know you’re in a historic downtown area and most importantly you know you’re in Madison. And to make sure you know you’re in Madison Wisconsin, their menu let’s you know too.

I think it’s safe to say the menu revolves around cheese and German inspired dishes. They have cheese platters for appetizers and things like brats slathered in onions and brown mustard and walleye sandwiches covered in cabbage. They have a Sunday brunch which sounded great on the menu but I wanted lunch and their lunch menu is sandwich and side heavy. You could almost easily spend a lot of money if you order the sides (cheese platters, etc). But really the sandwiches are about $6-9 and comes with fries, salad for potato salad. They also have daily specials and entrée items that range from $8-15. You’ll find burgers, brats, turkey sandwiches, and many other specialty sandwiches.

So after my wait, I knew what I wanted. I didn’t order a burger like I imagined I might because they looked kind of wimpy so I took a pass. I ordered the portobello and eggplant sandwich on grilled country bread. I also opted for the $3 extra cheese curds because the fries didn’t look homemade. And on that, while expensive, I choose right because the cheese curds were amazing. I was completely satisfied with the sandwich with it’s vegetarian goodness and goat cheese.

So food. Good. Atmosphere. Good. Service…was a little lacking. It was very busy and I was alone so I’ll give them this one, but it wasn’t the greatest.

So my outcome of this vist; I would most definitely return. Their menu looks tasty and they do food justice. Every plate I saw coming out looked good and hey, they enjoy cheese as much as I do. The only problem, there’s like 8 other restaurants on my list in Madison to go to at the moment…but I’ll get back some time or another.


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