Five Guys

Chain burgers.

Bad chain burgers: McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Red Robin and dare I say Johnny Rockets

You name the chain, their burger is probably terrible.

Burgers, which I’ve decided are my favorite food (with the inclusion of the fries of course), typically take time and delicacy to create them and do that well. And, I’m sorry but chains just don’t have the time to do so and therefore you’ve left with a terrible tasting burger, terrible bun, and crappy frozen fries.

Other than my mom’s burgers, there are two places that have come close to hitting the PERFECT burger.

These places are: LaBriola in Oak Brook IL and Burger Heaven in NYC. NOT chains. They take the time to craft their burger and their fries.

So where does Five Guys hit? It’s a chain. It’s gotta be terrible right?


GREAT chain burgers: FIVE GUYS.

OMG… Ok… It’s not the PERFECT burger because I like giant half pound burgers that you can barely wrap your mouth around. And that’s just the patty. So this place has thin burgers but man are they good and man is the burger itself enormous. This place gets it right. Lightly seasoned patties, free toppings and the standard, or ‘all the way’ actually, come with grilled onions all the condiments pickles tomatoes and lettuce. The bacon cheeseburger is a double patty burger that delivers on the taste! It’s fantastic!

BUT. It doesn’t stop there…. their fries. Oh the fries!! Homemade, hand cut french fries AT A CHAIN??!!! WHAT?? OH…the fries… It is my view that the fries make the burger. Give me a great burger and tasteless frozen fries and the burger becomes mediocre. And they make sure you get fries. They fill a cup with them and then just plop a bunch more in the bag and they get everything right! Homemade fries, natural ingredients and that handcraftedness you don’t find at other chains.

I was a Johnny Rockets fan. I am no longer. They’re always overcooked and their fries are frozen and boring and uninspiring. So…

When can I go next??!! A fantastic burger, fries and drink for $10 or less and NO TIP? Yes please!

Oh, btw, you want something other than a burger or a hot dog…you’re out of luck. And that’s how it should be.



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