Garrett’s Cafe

So let’s start off this way…

Walk in… it’s confusing. Do I sit down? Do I order at the counter? Where’s the menu? Is it only coffee? No there it is. Let me stand here holding it like a baffoon. Ok. I want that with those potato chips, as the menu says. Oh. You don’t have the potato chips? You have these ones instead. Um, Ok. I’ll take these then. Not sure what your drinks are. I don’t see a fountain anywhere. I’ll order an iced tea and hope for the best. Ok. You have iced tea. I pay too much. I sit down. I’m hungry. So I start eating my potato chips. I wait. I get my food. Well that panini looks good. What’s that on my plate. A spinach leaf and two tiny dices of tomato? What’s that for? Pointless. I take a bite of my sandwich. The whole piece of roast beef comes out. Hmm… well that’s well done and tough. Everything else is ok. Well, those chips don’t do much justice. I want a nice balsamic vinaigrette salad with ripe tomatoes. It’d go well with this bleu cheese roast beef panini, assuming the roast beef was any good. So I’m done. I’m thirsty. My tea is gone. I ask for a refill. Luckily that was free. So I leave. Still hungry actually. I feel ripped off and confused as to what just happened. I won’t return.

End of story.


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