Located in Oak Brook Il, this place is amazing!

They seriously have the best burger I’ve had at a restaurant other than my mom’s. For $10 you get a nice sized juicy burger, cooked right, on a great pretzel roll bun with amazing lettuce and HAND CUT fries. This burger was amazing. Not only did they correctly cook it to medium, it was juicy and flavorful.The pretzel roll they serve it on is made in house and is chewy yet soft and completely capable of supporting a burger the right way. And of course their homemade fries seal the deal.

Sure they have other things on the menu, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this burger.

So on to other things, it’s an order, sit down, bring it out to you place. It’s elegantly designed and decorated. They have a bakery and pizzeria at the front when you walk in which surrounds you in that elegant wood burning oven smell. Their digital menu is done right. It’s clear to read and doesn’t change on you like other places I’ve been to do. They have multiple iced tea choices and homemade lemonade. Their teas when I visited where a black currant and a ginger plum oolong which was very tasty blended with the lemonade. Oh, and they’re a bakery so they offer bakery desserts which included amazing cupcakes and brownies, muffins, pies and since they’re Italian, ten flavors of gelato.

The service was quick for being completely full at lunch time. Seating was tight, but doable. And the prices are right on. Sandwiches are around $7-10 depending on what you order.

If you’re in the Oak Brook area, look the place up. It’s worth a stop, even a trip.


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