Brooklyn Deli

So… The Brooklyn Deli located in Roscoe…

It’s neither Brooklyn, nor deli and here’s why:

First off, I don’t think it’s a deli unless you’re offering fresh meats and cheeses and other items up front like a deli should. Secondly, it’s not Brooklyn either. Where’s the useless shouting and the fist fights out front? Where’s that family feel or that feeling that those guys sitting over in the corner table are from the mob? Seriously! So they kind of lose at the name.

But their food.

Their rueben is great. It’s piled high with corned beef and oozing cheese and thousand island just like I like it. And they make homemade french fries, something you just can’t find anywhere else in Rockford and the prices are reasonable and valuable.

Sure, the place is a little drab, their menu astronomically large and their drink choices aren’t what I’d prefer, but get something to go and it’ll be good.


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