mac osx annoyance

so i noticed somewhere in a leopard update that it stopped playing the start up chime in the audio out like it always had. And now it has started putting it through the built-in speakers regardless of whether headphones or external speakers were plugged in.


My way to shut it up if necessary (quiet library or other public area for that matter) was to stick headphones in so I didn’t have to hear it…

Screw you Steve P Jobs.

Yep that’s right. I used the middle initial!


2 thoughts on “mac osx annoyance

  1. gainshift says:

    Just mute your computer before you turn it off and it won’t chime at all.

  2. applec2400 says:

    Well yes. It almost always is muted. But the times I use it, I forget to turn it off… then what? Then I have to suffer through it regardless of whether I want it or not.

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