Back Up and Restore

So, I had everything important backed up to my Time Machine.

And, now, that I’m done wiping my drive, in just a short hour and forty seven minutes, my mac will be look exactly the same as it did, but the hard drive will be all tidy and uniform.

I would really like to write a letter to Steve and let him know how cool and completely convienent this is.


So, I realize how useful this can be, however, the WHOLE point of me writing zeros and starting over was that that, well, I could start over. But I haven’t. It’s really all the same as it was. All the old preference files are still there. The library is still cluttered with remnants of old applications I’ve deleted in the wrong way etc…

So, I think, tomorrow morning I’ll do it all over again and do it the right way. It’s now 2:30 AM mind you. It’s taken me that long to get it all transferred and such.



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