America’s Drive In

Got home from work last night around 9:30 and decided to head over to Sonic thinking “It’s almost 10, it can’t be that busy, can it?”.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve never been to a Sonic yet, I’ve only drooled over their commercials.

So this would be my first time visiting a Sonic and I was thoroughly worried that I’d get food that’s been sitting there since 7:30. Man was I wrong.

So I turned down the side street it’s on and there was the line. The line to get into the parking lot because both the drive thru and the stalls were packed at a quarter to 10 in the evening. They told me, as I pulled up, that it’d be a 10 minute wait and to go ahead and do a u-turn and get in line.

So I got in line and waited. Slowly, car by car, the line got shorter and I finally got to get in the drive thru line and order. I of course couldn’t leave Sonic without a limeade, one of their best specialties. So I got that and their “Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster” and some tater tots (or just “tots” as they call them).

The burger is absolute crap. The tots are good and the cherry limeade was AMAZING.

I think I’ll go back for deserts, limeades and maybe their chicken if it’s good.


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