a rant about health and nutrition

I came across this article today on the NYTimes website: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/23/nyregion/23slim.html.

If you read this article it comes across as very critical of those who are average weight. It seems like today it’s becoming more and more “wrong” to be normal weight and that trying to be healthy and maintaing an average weight is a bad thing.

I had a conversation at work with a coworker who himself is an average build. He gets crap all the time for being skinny and “underweight” and that he should “put some meat on his bones”. He’s by no means anorexic or unhealthily skinny. He’s actually probably the perfect weight and completely healthy for his age.But still he gets crap for being average while, excsue this comment as there’s no offence given, most of all the people I work with are overweight on an unhealthy level. It’s becoming more common that having a rather large gut is a good thing.

Another thing I saw on The Daily Show was about how most of our food that we consume these days is a government sponsored inititive. I think that if it’s a conspiracy to promote and provide fatty, sugary food with no nutritional value to “fatten us up” they’re doing a good job. So good in fact, that we’re becoming acustomed to being overweight and seemingly enjoying it. Now, I’m not crying conspiracy or anything but it’s definitely food for thought.

I suppose I write this because I feel strongly about eating healthy foods, maybe I feel targeted by this article. However, I do not find it right that people who decide to eat healthy and exercise should be criticized. What’s wrong with being a normal weight, you need to be more concerned about being overweight and unhealthy.

I don’t know…anyways…


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