Amazon’s Dream Come True

Every student in the US may have a Kindle given to them. Every student.

Ladies and gentlemen, turn your employment applications into Amazon, they may be here to stay.


2 thoughts on “Amazon’s Dream Come True

  1. Anonymous says:

    A great post from that article:

    None of the books I’ve read ever required a battery.

    I’ve never had to worry about dropping one book and having it break in such a way that I couldn’t read all of my other books.

    If I lose or otherwise misplace a book, I can still read another.

    None of my books on my shelves have any sort of physical copy protection.

    If any of my books get wet, they are easily dried off. Some of the pages may wrinkle, but the books are still usable.

    None of the books I’ve read had a “screen” that gets scratched or broken.

    Some of the books on my shelf are decades old. There are no compatibility problems getting them to be readable.

    It is very easy to open a book so that items on facing pages are both viewed at the same time. This is very handy with maps and other graphics.

    My books have vivid color, high contrast, deep blacks, and I can have 3 or more open simultaneously in front of me.

  2. jeff b says:

    wow. not happening!

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