Places I Ate

So, as a quick recap, here are the places I ate while on my trip to NYC this time around:

Lili’s 57: It’s a Japanese Asian place on 57th and 7th ave. It’s not that great. The sushi is overpriced and the rolls are small. Service is that of an Asian place. Not the greatest. I got chicken fried rice, something that’s pretty much a standard around here. The rice wasn’t that great and the chicken…well, I’m not sure it was even chicken. It was very rubbery and just not appetizing at all. I won’t be going back here any time soon.

Angelo’s Pizza:
I’m not sure how I feel about this place. For lunch, I got a pannini. It was great. Proscuitto and mozzerela with tomatoes and peppers with a salad. Huge pannini for $8.95 and it tasted great. And then their rolls. Their rolls are delicious; crispy and crunch on the outside, soft on the inside. But then there’s the drinks. They don’t offer free refills at all and not even on the iced tea. That’s just ridiculous. It’s 2009, who doesn’t offer free refills any more? Their specialty is their coal oven pizza. Didn’t have one, I’d like to go back and try it though.

Johnny Rockets: It’s a chain. 50’s diner. Burgers and shakes. Like Steak and Shake only 100x’s better. Friendliest waitress ever. Tasty burgers. Enough said.

Europa Cafe: Cafe with a good menu, sandwiches and other cafe items. My sandwich was alright, salad was good, iced tea was great. Service fine etc. These cafes are all over the NYC area. I’d go back and try something else for sure.

Burger Heaven: It’s just that. To be honest, I didn’t think NYC could be capable of producing a good “midwest” burger. This place accomplishes that. It’s a diner burger with HOMEMADE french fries at a reasonable price. The burger was everything it needed to be and nothing that it didn’t have to: great hamburger meat on a bun with lettuce tomato onion and cheese. And it’s fast. Sat down ordered, and there was my food. Will definitely visit this place again.


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