Weber Grill

So, I’ve FINALLY been to Weber Grill in Chicago.

However, it wasn’t the best experience ever, but I’m not giving up on it yet. It starts like this.

I arrived for a very late lunch, early dinner. I believe we stopped in around 3:30, dinner menu is in effect at 4 PM. So, we got “stuck” with the lunch menu, which I’m not complaining about.

So, we entered, it wasn’t really busy. Plenty of open tables everywhere throughout the restraurant. Where do they seat us? On wall seating RIGHT next to another couple. Tables everywhere. They chose this one. Right next to someone else. Why? They could have put us a table down and I’d be perfectly fine with it.

Next, we’re presented with (another, –long story) a jackass of a waiter. Not confident. Not all there, etc. Dan asks for a beer menu…he seems confused as to either what that is or why we’re asking for it. It’s not 10 AM, beer is fine.

Anyways… the menu is great. Sandwhiches pushed heavily, larger entrees hidden off to the side which is what every lunch menu should be (we don’t need to be tempted with full entrees). Their hamburger selection is great. Their BBQ items sounded delicious. I, being on a quest to find a great hamburger, order the Wisconsin burger which is a BBQ/Bacon burger. Dan chose the meatloaf and we both ordered iced tea.

The iced tea was so great, it deserves it’s own line of text. Enough said.

So our meals come out. Before the table NEXT to us (I’m still bitter, can you tell?). They weren’t very happy with that and I’d have to say that I can’t blame them. The excuse the waiter gave them was that the shrimp takes longer to cook. What?? You cook shrimp for about 30 seconds and it’s done. Did I mention that he’s quite the jackass?

Well, their plight aside, everything was great. The burger qasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it was good. It had that charcoal grilled taste, something you don’t get elsewhere and it was decent sized. While they were not homemade, the fries were good and they actually used sea salt which was a nice touch. Dan said his meatloaf was good. It looked good. I’ll assume it was.

So, overall, my current opinion of this is either a high B or a low A. I’d really like to go again and get the dinner menu experience. I really think things got a little relaxed at this time as they prepared for the dinner rush. I’m willing to bet that if I came in around 6-7 and ordered a steak for dinner, things would be excellent. But, I haven’t done that yet, so it’s staying in the lower rating.

(Sadly, I have no food shots for you. I didn’t want to annoy the table RIGHT NEXT to us, the bitterness is still there isn’t it?)


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