Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM

Can I just say 10mm has changed my life. I love the extreme wide shots that it gives. It’s just amazing. The lens overall is fine. It’s not L build quality but it’s not bad either. I do wish it were f/2.8 throughout the zoom range but considering that this lens, should I actually own one of my own, would almost always be at 10mm, 3.5 is doable. The interesting thing about this lens is that the lens moves when you zoom it in and out, but you can’t tell because the parts that move are inside of the lens housing. The only thing that you can see moving is the front element so it’s not noticeable from the sides. I also wish the focus was the furthest ring out like the 24-70 as that’s what I’m used to.

But, overall, I really enjoy this lens. If it had a red ring, it would be truly amazing, but, I don’t believe any EF-S mount lens will ever be adorned with that beautiful line of paint and EF-S is what makes this lens what it is.


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