Best Buy is in Trouble.

How do I know…

Normally stores like Best Buy (Circuit City and CompUSA were also the same way) do not and will not EVER price match to stores online. I was in there today browsing TV’s and killing time (Algonquin store).

The TV’s I was looking at:

Samsung LN32a550, LN40a650, and the LN40a550.

The 32a550 sells for 757.99 at Newegg, free shipping, no tax. Normal price at Best Buy…960ish.
The 40a650 sells for 1199.99 (down $60) and is selling for $1500 (down $300 since the last time I was in) at BB.
The 40a550 sells for $899 on Newegg,….was on on sale for $899 at BB. (WoW!!!)

However, the last one is not where my attention was focused. I was ready to play cat and mouse with these guys. They were desperate. I could see it in their eyes and their tone. We were young people looking at TV’s asking about models, knew what we wanted. They wanted to make a sale. They needed the sale. Again, how do I know? He asked, after hearing us mention a price online, the sales man, RJ, asked how much are they asking online…so, I looked up the prices to make sure I was correct and said $757 for the 32a550, and $1199 for the 40a650. It was funny…he said “well what about shipping”. I quickly responded, “nope, they’re offering free shipping on TV’s”…and he just kinda quitely shut up, but I got a “hold on, I’ll go ask and see what we can do”.

Here’s what RJ came back with…

the Sammy LN32a550… (I was thinking $50 off list)….HE WANTED $769…DOLLARS OVER NEWEGG’S PRICE!!!!!!! Almost $200 less than the “sticker price”

Now what about the ToC amazing LN40650, the amazing 50,000:1 120Hz tv……They originally wanted $1500 for it, $300 over Newegg’s price..

They were willing to bring it down to like $1250!!!! $50 DOLLARS! That was the difference. NEVER have I heard of Best Buy knocking prices down that much to MATCH ONLINE stores! NEVER! I’d like you to tell me they’ve done this in the past!

Best Buy is desperate. If you want a TV walk in with numbers and start bargaining. Now, I must add that they pulled the “well we can’t go lower than that or we aren’t making more than a few dollars over cost” shenanigan, when, we all know even at those prices they’re making enough to get by. But still, either way, they were willing to actually cut down the price of their listed price. They were actually willing to deal with me, to make me an offer and to try to get it as close as I could. Now, The only thing that got me is the fact that I could save a few bucks more because of tax. There’s no tax buying it from Newegg and that’s what makes their offer more appealing. And, I want to see a FedEx freight truck show up at my door 😀


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