Bonefish Grill

Another satisfying meal…

So I’ll start from the beginning…

We came in on a Saturday night so it was pretty busy. It’s a fairly small-ish restaurant with tight tables. Our original options were the following: 1) We could be seated right away at their high top tables with stools (not really what we wanted), or 2) we could wait a half hour to be seated at a booth. So, we started thinking what our Plan B restaurant was, out loud. They certainly were not happy with that and we had a table within 5 minutes. That’s very good service, they weren’t about to let us leave.

Once we were seated, I do have to say it took a bit for the waitress to come around, not too unseasonably long, but just long enough that I started to notice. We were presented with physically large menus, but neatly arranged and designed. On one side were the drinks, on the other, the food. The nearly largest single portion of the menu were the appetizers. Then they have sides and what not on the right hand side, and entrees on the bottom 2/3’s. It’s a very curt menu, one that doesn’t take 10 minutes just to read everything, just as it should be.

We started with the crab cakes. My mom had these on a previous visit and highly recommended them. You get two cakes for $10.9 (yes, they abbreviate their prices here). They are fresh crab cakes. Not imitation, not frozen, not gross. They are adorned with two sauces, one that is slightly spicy and definitely tastes good with the cakes. You also get a lemon wedge, brilliantly surrounded in a little “lemon hair net” that prevents the seeds from landing on your crab cakes. My only caveat with the cakes are the fact that they’re almost $11 for 2, I think $8.50 would be more fitting. A noted observation of the appetizers are the mussels. We saw at least 3-4 other tables ordering the mussels and they looked delicious. So, it would be my suggestion to try these should you visit.

By this time, I noticed my next technical error. I’m a fan of having my drink refilled almost as soon as it hits the table empty. It’s a good sign of timing and service. Our waitress was, throughout the dinner, a little, but not horribly, slow to refill drinks. I do believe she was aware, just slow which can be forgiven especially if she had many busy tables.

So we ordered. I ordered the Rainbow Trout, my dad the shrimp and scallops and my mom, the Mahi Mahi special. The centerpiece of the menu is their fish selection, hence the name of the restaurant. With each fish entree, you’ve given the choice of sauce in which to choose. With my trout I choose the Pan Asian. Other options are Mango Salsa, Lemon Butter, and Chimichurri. You also get fresh vegetables and a choice of another side that range from mashed potatoes to rice to asparagus. With my meal I choose the Potatoes Au Gratin.

Salads and soups are $2.8 extra (with entree), which, given portions and appetizers is OK that it’s a little extra. Their house salad goes above and beyond. It has pine nuts, kalamata olives, hearts of palm amongst other things. I did order their soup which is a corn chowder with lump crab. I do have to say I wasn’t 100% impressed with it. It kind of tasted like it was a pre-made soup and then they added their own stuff to make it a little more lively. I could be wrong though. But overall, either way, I’m not sure I’d order it again. But it’s just soup, and the salads were good, so, I’m not disappointed by that. Also, there was another technical error here. They brought my soup out sans spoon. Not sure how that would happen. But again, nothing too drastic, I had one within a few moments.

Around this point, I noticed my last technical error. I first noticed this at another table, but then came our way too. Our entrees were brought out a little too soon. My parents were still finishing their salads which is a minor thing, but something a restaurant like this should have down.

But anyways… all of our entrees were great. We each enjoyed ours. The vegetables were corn and beans which was interesting, but very tasty, seasoned and cooked well. The Au Gratin potatoes were cheesy and good, not the boxed kind I think of every time I hear Au Gratin. The fish portion was a full portion. The Pan Asian sauce was sweet with a tiny bit of spice and dressed with greens and carrots. All this for about $16 which is a fair price for fresh fish.

To wrap things up, we shared a chocolate creme brule. It was delicious.

Overall… This place is great. Average prices range from $12-18, a little more for lobster specialties or the Sea Bass. I feel these prices are fair for the quality and freshness of their seafood and portions. They’re fancy portions, but not FANCY portions. It’s one of those places that allows you to order an appetizer and/or dessert and leave full, but not bursting at the seams. It’s a semi-fancy place. Dress casual to nice jeans and shirt kind of a place. Atmosphere is relaxed. There was a restaurant murmor of talk and reminiscing, the music was just at the right level. It’s a very comfortable place really; wine or drinks at each table, just general pleasure all around really. The restaurant doors are lit overhead by lights so you see them. The stainless steel mural on one of the walls is backlit and pleasing to the eye. Waiters and waitresses are dressed in chef’s jackets and are very professional looking. The food is high quality with big city taste.

I would highly recommend this if you’d like a fancy little meal and a drink, a nice place to enjoy company or just a date night. You’ll leave having spent some money but you won’t feel cheated.

Sorry the pics are rotated, WordPress won’t place nice. Below is my Rainbow Trout and then the crab cakes. And remember that these photos don’t pay food much justice, but are used for representational purposes.

**Located on Randall Road in Algonquin IL
Bonefish Grill’s Website
Google Maps to Bonefish

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