What does the O mean?

In the upper right hand corner


3 thoughts on “What does the O mean?

  1. Naters Magee says:

    It stands for Obvious

  2. breadcrumb says:

    It means you are on the GPRS network. Did this happen out in the boonies (like on the highway) or on a tower in a place you normally are? If it’s the latter, then the EDGE network or tower may have been temporarily overloaded so it resorted you to GPRS (which is slower than EDGE). If you were out and about in hicksville, you’re more likely to see it.

  3. applec2400 says:

    Very interesting. I wonder if their tower was out.

    I was in Elgin which should, as I recall have full EDGE and even 3G coverage. And the last time I was here (Thanksgiving..) I had EDGE. Lame.

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