Again proving…

Man could never come up with anything this sophisticated and intricate on his own…

Scientists are copying nature by revealing how certain flowers remain completely waterproof. It take’s God’s design for us to make something comparable, yet probably not better.  It takes us years of research to come up with ideas yet these flowers just pop out of the ground with these properties. No thought, no learning, no research, no money, they just are. And, it’s only taken us what? A few thousand years to see this. To think about this. To even come up with an idea about how flowers are waterproof. Ha. Silly man.

Wired Article


2 thoughts on “Again proving…

  1. Brad says:

    Hehe. Humans are so stupid 😀

  2. naturemyway says:

    How very cool! I love reading about the extraordinary properties from nature that scientists have “discovered” and find a way to make useful. Those who believe in evolution have never looked closely at the incredcible structure of the world all around us. By chance? No way!

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