I used my laptop for a half hour. I used iCal and a little bit of Firefox in Facebook etc. Nothing taxing… this is how long I have to charge my laptop to get it back to 100%.
battery time

That can’t be right.

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7 thoughts on “WHAT!!!????

  1. Dan says:

    At least your mac powered on. I woke up wanted to check the weather, I tried to power on mine it got through the grey boot screen and then my screen goes black. I try again, grey boot up screen and then black. Right now I sit in the apple store awaiting my computers fate. I am almost positive that my little hard drive has failed

  2. applec2400 says:

    awh… poor thing.

    Did you install the firmware update last night?

  3. applec2400 says:


    that was the new one only.

    Hmm… that sucks to see a drive fail in less than a year

  4. Dan says:

    3 to 5 days and i should have it back. it is a directory error so they should be able to get the data off of it. There were only a few files that I didn’t back up.

  5. applec2400 says:

    well that’s good.

    What causes that? A corrupt drive or the OS?

  6. Dan says:

    Corrupt drive. It is actually a mechanical failure.

  7. applec2400 says:

    Thank God!

    I don’t have one of those drives 😀

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