My Food Review Criteria

So, as you read my reviews keep this in mind:

What I like about restaurants are those that are not only good, but are some what “fun” to eat at. It’s an enjoyable place that makes you want to come back. It’s not a “drive thru” like experience, where you walk in eat and leave and that’s all you’re left with. I like being able to create a memory at a restaurant especially while with friends etc. So not only should the food be good, but the restaurant itself should be enjoyable. Nobody wants to leave feeling either ripped off, mistreated, or cheated.

Restaurants should offer good food. This means that it tastes good, looks good, feels good (that warm fuzzy feeling), quality food, fun food. Basically, does this restaurant offer food you WANT to eat. Is it a place that makes you crave their food at 10:30 AM while you’re thinking about where to go lunch.

Restaurants should offer good service. And the service should match the type of restaurant. This means that the servers are prompt, the host/hostesses greet you and make you feel welcome. Drinks are refilled as you set an empty glass on the table. Food is brought out promptly and on time. They don’t rush your appetizer or salad. It’s also clean. This includes bathroom and, if you can see it, the kitchen. Do the owners/managers really care about their restaurant?

Restaurants should offer something memorable outside of food. What does this restaurant offer that no one else does? Is it their weird plates or funny glasses? Is their menu creative yet simple? Do they have cool tables or decor? What really makes this a place I want to spend an hour or so at? Is it comfortable? Do the staff go the extra mile to make your stay enjoyable or again, memorable?

Restaurants should offer food at reasonable prices. Do the prices fit the food being served. Are proportions acceptable for this style of restaurant? Can they charge more if the whole experience is worth the extra cost?

All this is important, I take a holistic view on things. I don’t look at just one category. I’ve always walked into eateries and noticed every little detail. A lot of this has to do with the fact that as long as I can remember I was prepping hamburgers at my mom’s work or sitting on the counter helping cook at home. Food is very important to me. It’s very important to the existence of life. So many celebrations are centered around food. Think about it. It’s not only just nourishment for me, it’s very much so an art form. Food looks great, or at least it should. You eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth. I’ll eat at Wendy’s but I always leave feeling that I just ate there because I was hungry. This is what I’m trying to help you with while you pick a place to eat.

Obviously, there are plenty of restaurants in Rockford that I’ve eaten at and have not made a review. This is due to the fact that you’ve probably already eaten there and have your own opinions. I’ll do my best to add some and I’m always open for suggestions :P.

So, that’s my point in a nutshell. Not all categories may get covered in a review, and if they don’t it’s probably because it’s “okay”. I’ll probably only point out really bad things and really good things. The things that go above and beyond and those thigns that make me want to say “stay away!”, that’s what I think a review is for.

If you disagree, too bad. It’s my blog… I’ll blog what I want to blog. 😀


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