An interesting observation


As you may or may not know… a large group of people online have criticized the MacBook for having an extremely blueish hue in the LCD (thought to be caused by the LED’s that are used in it).

Well…when I got it, I thought it was just as crisp white as the iMac and was relatively warm so I thought maybe they’re just extremely critical of their panels being PERFECT.

But… this afternoon, I booted the MacBook at work and as I was logging in, the screen, during the transition to my background from the Aurora login screen, the LCD got this really blue hue. I opened a Finder window and it seemed a lot bluer.

I originally thought I was seeing things. So, to make sure, I started navigating to the Display preferences to tweak the Color Temperature settings. While in this process, the screen flashed (not all the way off, it was just abrupt), and it was back to its normal semi-warm state.

So I’m thinking all these laptops are being adjusted by something to make them warmer and there’s an issue with it. Not sure, but I should look in the Support Topics and see if it’s been questioned or brought up anywhere.

Just a thought.

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