BD’s Mongolian Grill


The moral of the story:

I might say this is probably the biggest letdown of my entire life. I was hoping for a place to eat in Rockford that was new and was a great place to enjoy a great meal. When I heard this was coming in, my mind automatically went to thoughts of Flat Top Grill. A place where you can make your own “stir fry” kind of a place.

Well…this is NO Flat Top. The two restaurants, while similar in principle, couldn’t me more different. My biggest complaint is the atmosphere. I’ve already likened it to a Buffalo Wild Wings, or a sports bar in general. The music is loud, the waitress has to shout, they have aluminum foil hats for the kiddies. This is not what I was hoping for. Also, when you order, you have to stand and wait for your dish to be cooked and chat with the loud (on purpose) cooks. At Flat Top you drop it off, stick your table number stick inside the bowl and they bring it to you….LAME.

I was hoping for a more relaxed environment a nice place to eat on a Friday or Saturday night. I guess if I had kids who enjoyed this food and a family and make enough money to afford it, this would be a great place to go. So, this place, gets 1 star in the atmosphere category.

Outside of the atmosphere there isn’t too much to complain about except price. For $12.99 you get 1 bowl of food. Drink is another $2 or so. So, for $16 you get a small bowl of ingredients, rice and a drink and not much else. Don’t get me wrong, the food is decent quality stuff. I got the NY Strip steak in my bowl and it was actually pretty good, however, with the combination of the environment and how much food you can shove into 1 bowl, $12.99 is a bit steep. You could get the unlimited I guess for $15.99 which, if you’re a big eater, could definitely pay for itself very quickly but there are only so many combinations you could handle in one sitting I would imagine.

So…will I go there again is what I was asked? Maybe. If I want to create my own food and be in charge or maybe if it was my birthday and I could only eat in Rockford. However, I’m not sure I’d suggest it as a place to eat if a small group of us are looking for a place to eat.


So far so good. Waitress admitted Flat Top is better and I’d have to agree based on atmosphere which is the only thing I have to go on.

Brents system is too loud. Or I guess the music but you get the point




Meal (iPhone pays no justice to food, but here you go):

Your bill comes on this thing below. It’s a survey and a calculator all in one so you can figure out your 10% tip 😛 (too harsh?)

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13 thoughts on “BD’s Mongolian Grill

  1. sean Denny says:

    Umm Mark im gonna have to say that this is probably my favorite restaurant ever. I have not been to the one in Rockford yet but there is one in michigan that i go to everytime im up there and i absolutely love it. sorry you didnt feel the same way.

  2. applec2400 says:

    I just want a nice enjoyable place to eat. I don’t want to listen to Kanye West or Jesse McCartney while I’m eating nor do I want the waitress shouting at me so I can hear her.

    Flattop is a definite 10. Not so for BD’s.

  3. breadcrumb says:

    The one I went to in Colorado I don’t remember being THAT expensive… Perhaps it was. But they brought the food out to my table (I think) and there was no loud music. Sounds like a completely different restaurant. I wonder if the franchise lets local owners have that much control that it’s so different from the one sean denny and I have been to.

    $12.99 for a dinner. With NO drink? Who the hell is going to go here over JMK? I mean seriously. They priced themselves out of existence.

  4. Jeff says:

    Enlightning review, Mark. You’ve probably told me enough for me to know that I will not like it. It sounds too expensive for what you get, and the fact that it’s a big, loud chain restaurant has little to no appeal for me. If you want similar food, that is probably cheaper and certainly better quality, go to Kumas.

    (although, biggest letdown of your life?! if this is true then you’ve lived a charmed life, my friend 🙂

  5. applec2400 says:

    Hmm… well that’s the second time it’s been likened to JMK and I disagree whole heartedly to that. JMK and BD’s are nothing alike. But yes, it’s too much. If the atmosphere was a nice, upscale one, I could maybe see $12.99 but otherwise it is way too overpriced.

    And Ok…maybe not the biggest letdown EVER, but you get the picture.

    What is Kumas btw. Good? I must go and review!

  6. Ryan says:

    Jeff is right kumas is da bomb

  7. Jeremy says:

    Yes, 10% was probably too harsh.

    A former waiter

  8. applec2400 says:

    Noo. I left 15%. I was just kidding 😛

    The waitress was actually nice and like I said, she admitted Flat Top is better.

  9. Kat says:

    first of all this place is amazing the food is great (you pick the ingrediats yourself) and you get alot for what you pay…you can get 12oz of shrimp plus some newyork strip it’s all depends on what your eating $12.99 is the dinner’s only $8.99 for lunch and it’s $14.99 for all you can eat…the atmospher is up beat and fun..i enjoy myself everytime i go…

  10. applec2400 says:

    Flattop is MUCH better.

    Their unlimited is only $12.99 and is a much more relaxing place to eat.

    Also, you get to put rice or noodles in when you make it. And you can make soups or salads or wraps too.

    BD’s blows compared to Flattop. But more on that in a later post

  11. applec2400 says:

    And you would like it if you can’t spell ingredients, I guess.

  12. Joe says:

    First off as a gues of both establishments, I do really enjoy both places. I really like the choices that were at bd’s because there were so many. The staff was really knowledgeable about the product and very willing to help ensure that my bowl was great. I also really liked flat top. I am a vegetarian and like the choices more at flat top for proteins for me, but the sauces were a bit too much. Too salty and aome of them were too weak. Water based sauces??? I want some flavor in my bowl.
    Over all I really liked both and would say that these are the only two stir-fry restaurants I would ever eat at.
    By the way, I wouldn’t rag on other peoples spelling when you have errors as well (try re-reading your original story).

  13. applec2400 says:

    type-os are one thing…

    “ingrediats” is a whole different thing.

    Oh, and the run on sentences killed me in that comment.

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