Biggest REAL grievance so far…

The MacBook is SO small, there’s no room for plugging things into the USB ports unless you use an Apple product which has the miniaturized connector.

While my Mighty Mouse is plugged in, I can’t plug in my flash drive (not without squeezing something out of the way and potentially breaking it in the process). However, it’s not really Apple’s fault because there really isn’t an inch of space around the computer in which to spread them out OR add some more ports, which is probably the REAL reason why there’s no FireWire included. There just ins’t room on a laptop this size (unless they pulled the CD drive).

Which leads me to think that Apple should copy IBM/Lenovo and design modular devices where, if I wanted, I could take the CD drive out and add more USB ports or a slew of FW ports or eSATA or a memory card reader or an Express/34 slot. BRILLIANT!


2 thoughts on “Biggest REAL grievance so far…

  1. breadcrumb says:

    That would give the users choice. Apple does not give their users choice. You get what Steve decides you get. End of story, have a nice day, see you at MacWorld.

  2. applec2400 says:

    But they could make so much money if they made proprietary devices ala “mini display port”. Just think about it… they could charge $110 for the drive (unless they include it, but why bother?), $50 for firewire, $40 for USB, $60 for eSATA, $40 for the cards…

    They’d be filthy stinking rich!

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