Behind the scenes of “Reverie” (and then some)

I think I emailed this out before,

However, its cool enough to share again:

BTS of Reverie

The coolest part of seeing all of this is how they created the Faux TV at night effect by making a blue layer in Photoshop and adjusting the lightness values of it on a large TV and in doing so it created the illusion that he is watching TV at night. Other than that it’s a lot of the same old car rigs, steadicams etc, but at the same time that’s not belittling its coolness of seeing a film shoot from behind the lens.

Here is another video shot on the EOS 5D that I really think demonstrates the usefullness of having a digital camcorder than can also shoot super hi-res images

Video by Bruce Dorn

Man I wish my wedding video turned out HALF as nicely as this. Then again, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to work with, but still.

I was originally against the video on a DSLR but seeing a wedding video that has both photos and videos in it all shot on 1 camera, not 2 is just amazing.


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