How can a package depart Memphis Tennessee at 6:30 AM Saturday, November 29th and not appear anywhere by Monday, December 1st at 7PM? I could probably walk from Memphis to my house in less time than that.

I’m seriously thinking it’s in state, probably Rockford, and they’re smart enough not to update the page because they know that if I knew it was in Rockford I could just pick it up and defeat their 5 day shipping. UGH. I really hate FedEx. If it were UPS, I’d have the package already. They don’t waste time. Lame.

(UPDATE: It “made it” into Chicago at 7:18, 20 minutes after I made the post)

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2 thoughts on “Departed

  1. breadcrumb says:

    !!! Hopefully that means it will be here tomorrow! Also, I like the new theme, best one yet!

  2. applec2400 says:

    yep. here waiting impatiently. any car that remotely sounds like a truck noise makes me jump out of the chair and look out the window 😦

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