The Kicker

Activity MonitorOne thing that has always floored me in the computer world is how much of your hard drive is sucked into a Virtual Memory hole. There is literally gigs upon gigs of my hard drive being used for virtual memory. I find this very ridiculous. There is easily 20GB’s being used for VM here…or am I just stupid and reading this wrong?


2 thoughts on “The Kicker

  1. breadcrumb says:

    You’re reading that wrong. That’s basically a BS number that’s a general estimate of nothingness. If two apps are using the same space it’s counted twice, plus MacOS will take as much of your free hard drive as is available, so it’s not necessarily using it, just saying “Yummy, I see some free hard drive over there: MINE!”

  2. applec2400 says:

    ah ic.

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