Load Out

Just got done with a load out for SVL. That was fun. Literally yet completely sarchastic. I’m reall hoping the pay will be decent. It could go towards my Macbook (Pro). (Specificity for Jon: Giovanni’s Rockford Il, 1:30 PM to 4 PM. Some fashion show thing. In the ball room. Runway. Curtains. People. Lots of those. What else do you want?)

The list of gear moved out:

2 projectors and screens

Pipe and drape

A bunch of pars

3 cases of Pixel Lines (6 total)

Sound gear (small mixer wireless mics)

A bunch of Robe 575 spots (6 maybe? maybe 8 )

A hazer

tons of cable

A Hog programmer and console

An XL-1H and XL2, some scaling gear and video gear

DVD players etc


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