JMK Tonight

Went to jmk. I was thinking hachi hachi but I didn’t want to eat dinner out of a styrofoam tray. Yuck. So I though who’s similar to hachi. Well jmk is and it’s much better. Pricier. But much better. My only thing though, well two things: they brought my yakisoba out with the sushi which made me rush through the sushi so the yakisoba didn’t get cold and the dessert was a little on the pricey side for just sorbet. It was all good though other than those two things. An interesting observation was the fact that it was very busy despite all of the economy crap that is supposedly happening.

Another “obersvation” is that I no longer look at restaurants the same after watching every episode of Kitchen Nightmares. I now have a better understanding of how big kitchens are run and a clearer view of the stresses a kitchen faces on a Friday or Saturday night rush. So it was interesting to visualize what was going on in the kitchen as well as the foh staff managing things. But one plus for jmk is that the majority of the food is cooked at table which lessens the load as there are multiple kitchens and multiple chefs.


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