Macbook Air Killer

Weighs 2.78 pounds. Has WAY more ports than the Air can shake a stick at and probably more functionality because of it. And, it only cost $600. Sure it’s not aluminum or doesn’t run OS X. BUT! You can install Ubuntu which isn’t half bad.

Dell Mini 12 Details Page


8 thoughts on “Macbook Air Killer

  1. breadcrumb says:

    After reading the specs and price point of this thing, this is not competition for the MacBook Air in any more of the sense that it competes in size. And that is where the similarities stop. This thing has wimpy-ass processor, slow tiny hard drive, minuscule 12″ screen, ram that runs HALF the speed as the Air, motherboard runs at HALF also. I Dare to Compare:

    MacBook Air – Dell Mini
    1.6 GHz Processor – 1.33GHz
    1066 MHz motherboard – 533 MHz motherboard
    1066 MHz RAM – 533 MHz RAM
    120GB S-ATA (FAST!) – 40GB IDE Hard Drive
    802.11n – 802.11g
    13.3″ Screen – 12.1″ Screen
    $1,799 – $549

    Other than size, this thing is a NETBOOK compared to a true DESKTOP REPLACEMENT that is the Air.

  2. applec2400 says:

    While I both agree and disagree…

    You can get a 1.6 GHz proc

    It is the Atom processor which has superb power management, oh and that battery is user replaceable meaning you can buy another and use 2,3,4 however many you want to extend your wireless capabilities.

    You can get a larger hard drive.

    N or G doesn’t really matter unless you’re transferring files, which, at least for me, I’ve only done a handful of times… baa.

    I’m not sure why you’re comparing prices… Your answer is exactly why I’m completely ambivalent and somewhat resentful towards Apple’s products currently.


    There is 1. 1. 1!!! USB. What an effing joke. There is 1. 1!!! headphone jack and 1!!! display port and that is all. That is NOT! a desktop replacement in anyway shape or form at all! There is nothing that the Air offers that remotely makes a good desktop replacement. A good desktop replacement should be at least a 15″ preferably a 17″ and you better be making millions a year to afford Apple’s 17″.

  3. breadcrumb says:

    It’s very powerful. Fast processor, fast bus, fast ram, fast hard drive. 1 USB port is all I need, because my 7-port USB hub goes right into it with my keyboard, mouse, hard drive, scanner, TV tuner card, and everything else I need. All. In. 1. Port. BAM. Plug it in, READY. Why do you WANT to plug, unplug, plug, unplug every single device individually every time? Boring. 1 headphone jack is plenty for me. OH, by the way, I have a USB -> Audio thing for my speakers and/or headphones so that 1 single USB jack I plug in handles that as well. That 1 display port can drive a 30″ monitor now I believe. Who needs dual displays? Get one large-ass one. If I’m buying a laptop, why do I need one with a gigantic 15″ or 17″??? That’s what my screen, keyboard, and mouse are for when I dock it. In all seriousness, I think the air is pretty dumb now with the new insane $1,299 kick-ass beefy MacBook they have now. It’s incredible for the money. 1066Mhz ram and bus speed. Dang!

  4. applec2400 says:

    BUT!! Why would it even be a desktop replacement when you’re clearly paying TOP DOLLAR for mobility?? That makes no sense at all. And, if it’s a desktop it better damn well have an ethernet port… oh thats right you have to spend MORE money to get one of those and plug it into usb and OH wait…. you still won’t be able to reap the benefits of a directly connected ethernet because its over USB who’s duplexing isn’t as fast as ethernet. And if it’s a desktop why are you unplugging your USB ports??!! Also makes no sense. The Air makes no sense. It’s neither a netbook nor a full fledged laptop. It’s like an ugly hermaphrodite.

    And, with the display… if you want to drive a 30″ monitor…well you better cough up another $100 to buy a display port to dual link DVI adapter. Screw that!

  5. applec2400 says:

    Oh… yes…

    Lets do the math…

    $1800 for Air
    $100 for display adapter
    $40 for good USB hub
    $30 for ethernet adapter
    $1800 for your 30″ display
    $100 for a good keyboard and mouse (I’m assuming you’d use clamshell mode)
    $100 for the disk drive (if its a desktop…)

    WTF!? You say I’m crazy for the things I want to buy… ROFL.

    That’s $3900!! You can buy a proper desktop (Mac Pro) and a good display for that price!

  6. breadcrumb says:

    Wow, you’re feisty tonight…

    Yeah, Macs suck. I hate Apple too. They are such a ripoff for what you get. I only stay on the Mac Platform because they won’t open the OS up to alternative hardware, and the iPhone because there is nothing near close to it’s functionality. I did use a new MacBook Pro “Brick” today. Quite nice. URGH! Apple!!! Such a vanity brand!

  7. applec2400 says:

    No, I just hate the Air. It’s pointless. I’m currently wheeling and dealing to purchase a NIB previous generation Macbook Pro 2.4 GHz model for $1299. OR… a new Macbook with 10% off. Yay employee discounts!

  8. breadcrumb says:

    Well this is the company that yelled at me and demanded to delete private data off my personal phone, sold me a power supply that shoots sparks and when I complained said it wasn’t their problem, I was using it incorrectly(!) (apparently PLUGGING MY FUCKING LAPTOP IN is improper usage), and then wouldn’t even sell me a new iPhone I drove an hour each way to go purchase. Screw Apple. Screw Apple with a big long dildo and then snap it off inside.

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