Delicious as always and as expensive as expected however it was definitely worth the drive and cost.

The atmosphere here is casual yet laid back and inviting. My only grievance is that a little dusting of plants and booth dividers is in order for them. Their décor is that of a modern cafe and they offer a bar seating area too.

As for the food: Their bread is amazing and they serve it with olive oil and parmaesan the way it should be. The iced tea is a nice semi- flavored alternative to the plain boring black tea. The wait staff is prompt and always willing to make suggestions and offer advice. Food is delivered when it should be and is presented nicely and tastes are on par with prices. Deserts, should you have room after the generous helpings, are also tasty and are sized to share. This is definitely a nice place to get a good Italian meal for a reasonable price.

My order:

Iced tea
Mussels in a white wine sauce as an appetizer
Porkchops al forno

Our dinner was $25 each split 50/50.
Average dinner meal price is about $12-$18. A little more for lobster or steak.


4 thoughts on “Biaggi’s

  1. breadcrumb says:

    Where is there a Biaggi’s nearby?

  2. applec2400 says:

    Randall road north of the woodmans, in Algonquin commons

  3. breadcrumb says:

    Randall, Algonquin– that sounds mighty Chicago to me. But the Woodmans is throwing me off? That’s a big-ass supermarket… Hmmmm…

  4. applec2400 says:

    There’s a Woodmans on Randall road. Since it’s “big ass” its a prominent landmark to judge your position on Randall in Algonquin.

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