So… Credit Cards are a bad thing huh?

I officially own my iMac in it’s entirety. I bought it on a credit card that I opened up JUST to buy the computer.

How much did I pay for this computer you ask? Well, you must be assuming I paid more than what it originally cost… because afterall, I paid for it on a credit card, right?


I paid exactly what it cost to buy the computer. No interest, no service charges, no other charges, NONE. Oh, and that builds credit. It shows that I am responsible at borrowing money and that I am capable of paying back small amounts quickly and on time therefore building credit, which the last time I checked was quite an amazing number. OH… and this isn’t the first time I’ve fanagled this. The iPhone was a great example of this as well. The Dell monitor…maybe not. But I made sure that only a very small portion made it onto a card with the lowest interest rate and made plans to pay it off within 30 (25 probably) days.

Take that.



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