Dell E207WFP Review

Review thus far:

Worth it: So far this monitor has been great. I’ve not noticed any color shift; oranges and reds appear orange and red, blues and blacks are blue and black. The Dell has about the same contrast as the iMac when the iMac’s contrast is boosted, so that’s a plus. Brightness is not an issue for me as I tend to keep it relatively dark however I suspect that this monitor would hold it’s own in a brightly lit office. Also to be noted, is the fact that the iMac is able to recognize the monitor’s model which is a nice touch on the Apple side (who needs a driver disk? PFF Microsoft…). The monitor, while matte, has a nice sheen that is noticeable when turned off compared to other monitors which I think adds to just a bit to the image (maybe thats just in my head, who knows).  Viewing angle is fairly substantial. Color and brightness shift a tiny bit, however text and image are clearly viewable, and legible from the extreme side. The screen is pretty sharp given it’s lower contrast resolution, however I think the resolution takes care of some of the sharpness. Also, this turn turns on super fast. There’s no product image first, and then warm up. It’s just *click* ON.

The design of the “lower end” Dell monitors are simple yet, dare I say, elegant as they have a slim bezel, simple foot design and from the side they have a stance that just says “View me”. For a monitor in this range, it’s nice to see DVI as some cheaper (or smaller) monitors have yet to include this, however I’m guessing soon DVI will be on every model and make of monitor. A cable manager on the back is a nice touch, however I’m not using it…go figure. Setup of the monitor is of course easy. The stand just pops in, the RGB cable came preatached so all that was needed (assuming you’re using RGB) is the power cord and you’re ready to go.

Not worth it: The power buttons on these monitors are “painted” on so I know within the next 6 months the power symbol will be gone in it’s place will be just a green light. Although, for this price category, I can’t complain much, but it doesn’t have a lot of input options as the only two are RGB and DVI, but that’s fine for the iMac. Lack of a glossy screen may be a non-negotiable for some and in order to get a Dell with one, you’ll have to spend closer to $300. If you want high contrast, brightness, uber color, perfect accuracy..get an Ultra Sharp Dell or a Samsung SyncMaster. 1680×1050 is great…but it’s not quite high definition. No height adjustment, you have to pay more for that…

Overall: I really don’t have much to complain about this monitor. I wanted a cost effective monitor to expand my desktop to allow for working space, this is that monitor. I purchased this monitor for $189 while it normally sells for $250, a saving of $60. Shipment was SUPER FAST. I finished the order Wednesday, selected the free 3-5 day shipping and had the product on Friday morning, amazing!.

All the cables are included as are the manuals (and drivers for W. Vista). Color and image are completely bearable for my uses. A three year warranty is nice as well. I am completely happy with this monitor and the only thing I have to worry about now is longevity, but only time will tell that. So if you need a budget monitor I would recommend this monitor unless you are hard of sight, in which case I would recommend the 22″ version (E228WFP).

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